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Green and Clean Your Skin Care Products – Why Go Natural & Organic?

What you put on your skin is your choice. With the abundance of mass-produced skin care products that are circulating in today’s market, your options are endless. So, how do you choose? You can start by being informed.

The skin is the largest organ of the body and one that has continuous contact with the environment. It is permeable—absorbing much of what we put on us. We endure so many un-natural effects from our delicate environment, food and personal care products. It is crucial for us to make knowledgeable and intentional purchases, for our safety and our standards.

The growing number of synthetic chemical ingredients in today’s mainstream personal care industry is staggering. More importantly, many have been proven to be dangerous and are directly linked to cancers, inflammation, endocrine disruptions, allergies and premature aging of the skin. The chemical industry is developing new products everyday. The testing on these compounds and their possible side effects can take years to understand, yet they still enter the industry before results are realized. Once they’re in the industry, it takes a tremendous amount of effort to get them removed.

So, it is clear why a growing number of people are discovering new sensitivities to mainstream skin care. Although common chemicals may not always cause an immediate reaction, the concoctions that are being used repeatedly enter the bloodstream through the skin. The results are an incremental overload of toxins that the body does not recognize. They cannot effectively be processed by the liver and eventually are stored deep in the various systems of the body where they can do tremendous damage.

When using natural products the body can easily assimilate the nutrient rich ingredients as the natural compounds are compatible with the body. What’s more, the compounds nourish and protect the body while being absorbed. For centuries, people have used natural oils, butters and botanicals for healing and self care. Results are irrefutable.

The search for safe and effective skin care products is on! So what are people seeking? The answer is all natural, antioxidant rich, botanical & organic products, without harmful synthetic ingredients.

More and more people are attracted to healthier ways of living and as a result they are becoming conscious consumers paying close attention to their purchases and product labels. They are seeking products that are made from safe ingredients and produced in environmentally friendly conditions.

This support of natural and organic companies will put pressure on the mainstream market to lead the demand to higher and healthier ingredient standards. Choosing organic products safeguards our own health and enhances the ecology of the land. By purchasing organic products, we support more than a line of safer products. We also work to create a just and sustainable agricultural system for ourselves and for future generations. Most importantly, choosing healthier products and lifestyles leads to increased health, quality of life, and better-looking skin.

Written By
Erica Flynn & Christa Tolson
REAL skin renewal
by botanicalbasics

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